December Update

In The Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge has the good fortune to experience a realistic dream. Most of us don’t have dreams that are quite that vivid, so we have to think about our future while we are awake.
In the midst of the world’s craziness, I am reminded that life is really short, and we should plan now for how we want to be remembered.   As we move into a new year, we are excited by the possibilities and humbled (and a bit unsettled) by the deep challenges that confront us and the communities where we live and work. What I am so grateful for though, is to wake in the morning and know that our day’s work makes a real difference. Your support makes that possible. Thank you for being there and for considering a gift of self-reliance this holiday season.
We hope your dream and awake states bring meaning and happiness this holiday season!  

In Community,