September 2014 Update

“When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.”

We use this ancient saying a lot around Isles Youth Institute.

But most people who talk about education – especially of underserved students – speak to the importance of great teachers, school buildings, curriculum, etc.

Of course, these are important. But the quiet secret of education is that it requires a student who wants to learn. So the big question is, “How do we create an environment that encourages students to want to learn?”

At IYI, we start each school year with Mental Toughness, a two-week period that tests whether each student is ready and interested in learning. This occurs in the city and out in a rural camp in Blairstown, New Jersey. The newsletter describes what occurred this past month at Mental Toughness.

This issue also highlights a long-time, passionate advocate of Isles, Barbara Coe. Barbara has been a great friend, trustee, and advisor over the years. We are grateful for her passion and roll-up-the-sleeves willingness to work.


With gratitude and in community,