January 2015 CEO Corner

As we head into the new year, we take stock of the accomplishments of the past year…but not for long. We expect 2015 to be even more transformational.


Part of that change includes new leaders at the Isles board level.  We are grateful to Dr. Ann Marie Senior, who chaired Isles’ board in 2014. Her term limits are up and we welcome Michele Minter to the role of Chair. Michele has served 2 years on the Isles’ board and as you can tell from the article below, she is the right leader at the right time.


Other new board members include Rolando Torres, Tracey Syphax, Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer, Ian Goldstein, Tom Sullivan, and Kathy Fitzpatrick. This is a diverse and strong class of new trustees!


As you know, we care most about family self-reliance. As a result, Isles Financial Solutions (IFS) helps families become more financially healthy and build wealth. The IFS article below shows how we do that for nonprofit and for profit employees, employers, and clients. Princeton University, restaurant chains, Womanspace, and others are getting results. If you are interested for your business, let us know.


Stay tuned for exciting announcements in the months ahead. 


Thank you for your interest and support.