January 2021 Message

Dear Friend,
A lot of ideas here at Isles start with, “What if we could…?”
One important question for our energy and environmental health services was, “What if we could combine housing health assessments with lead remediation and energy efficiency? How would we do that?” 
The “why” is obvious, given the age and condition of Trenton housing. It’s some of the oldest in the State, and based on its age and the more than 3,000 lead paint tests Isles has performed in Trenton, at least 60% of those homes have lead based paint. Those home conditions lead to excessive rates of asthma, childhood lead poisoning and other health conditions.
The good news is that Isles recently re-acquired the weatherization program for Mercer County, so we can now apply our holistic approach to improving the living conditions of Trenton residents – tackling all the issues a home might have, be they lead, energy or health related.
This innovation, along with our novel approach to home environmental assessments in the face of COVID restrictions (detailed below), is a testament to how Isles staff innovates its way around challenges. I’m inspired daily by how our staff rises to every challenge. I hope you will be too.
In community,
Managing Director, Community Enterprises
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