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A 37 year old, Trenton-based nonprofit that fosters self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities.



President and CEO
Senior Accountant
Senior Accountant
Grant Writer
Director of Communications and Grants Management
Chief Operating Officer
Real Estate Project Manager
Director, Human Resources & Administration
Office Support
Facilities Supervisor
Administrative Systems Coordinator
Board Coordinator
Deputy Operations Officer
Accounting and Payroll Specialist
Process Improvement Coordinator

Resource Development

Donor Development Manager
Resource Development Manager
Director of Development

Community Enterprises

Managing Director
Asset Building & Housing Coordinator
Asset Building Coordinator
Asset Building Coordinator

Community Planning and Development

Managing Director
Urban Agriculture Coordinator
Clean & Green Coordinator
Community Food Coordinator
Senior Project Manager
Project Manager
Deputy Director
Senior Project Manager

Center for Energy and Environmental Training

Managing Director
Project Assistant
Environmental Health Services Manager
Lead & Healthy Homes Construction Manager
Senior Construction Manager
Senior Director, Environmental Health
Program Manager/Trainer
Training Manager
Project Coordinator
Project Assistant

Isles Youth Services

Managing Director
Academic Instructor
Case Manager
Reception Desk Coordinator
Vocational Teacher
Academic Instructor
After School Services Manager
Academic Instructor
After School Services Assistant
Evening Resource Coordinator
Operations Coordinator
Job Developer & Placement Specialist
Construction Site Training Assistant
Manager, Youth Services