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A 38 year old, Trenton-based nonprofit that fosters self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities.

Health is Wealth, and So Are Homes

After hearing how Isles had helped their co-worker save their home under foreclosure, Mr. and Mrs. Perez reached out to Isles. After 11 years in his home, Mr. Perez fell behind on his mortgage when his wife gave birth to twin boys. She had to stop working, and Mr. Perez was in trouble. Isles housing counselor, Elena, stepped right in. After a few trial payments, Elena negotiated with the bank to modify the mortgage and get him back in good standing.

But the story doesn’t end there. When Elena learned that one of the twins had elevated lead levels, she connected them to Isles lead testing and hazard control experts. Isles found flaking lead paint in multiple windows and, within a few weeks, repaired their home, leaving it lead safe. Since the remediation, the child’s lead levels are down and more of Mr. Perez’s co-workers are coming to us to buy a first home, improve their credit, get a mortgage, or test and clean lead in their home.

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