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Healthy Food, Strong Bodies!

Isles' Community Food Coordinator teaches kids how to eat healthy

This year, Isles joined Novo Nordisk’s Community Health Collaborative (CHC). The CHC works to prevent early onset diabetes and cultivate healthy lifestyles among second and third grade students at four elementary schools.

 As part of the CHC, Isles educates students through gardening, cooking, and nutrition classes. Students discover where food comes from through hands on gardening lessons and preparing healthy dishes in their classrooms. Fun and engaging lessons foster positive experiences with healthy foods. With more frequent exposure to healthy foods, kids are more willing to try them and more likely to improve their attitudes about health.

Just five months in, students’ perceptions of healthy food are beginning to shift. Each week, they cheer as they prepare a healthy dish or care for the plants in their garden. They request fruits and vegetables more frequently, and they more easily recognize healthy food. It’s amazing to see their excitement grow about trying these foods.

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