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Job Training Launches Careers


When training manager Andre Thomas first met James at our “Whole House Air Leakage Control Installer” course in 2013, he saw James dive into the work. “He was really motivated, so I invited him to other trainings to help him build his resume,” said Andre. Since then, James has earned multiple certifications at Isles' Center for Energy and Environmental Training (CEET), including a Building Analyst and Community Health Worker license to test Trenton homes for lead. “James came in hungry and took advantage of what we had,” Andre shared.

And James’ dedication paid off. After working temporary jobs and putting in hard hours out in the field, James earned a full-time position as a Building Analyst at Allied Energy Efficiency. Now he’s with a company that is giving him the chance grow even further in this in-demand industry. On his first day on the job, James sent us a photo of his new office space, “My new work area. I’m out of the field and at the desk like we talked about.” We couldn't be happier to see him advance.

To date, 1,501 individuals like James have received certifications through Isles' CEET, gaining skills to help them launch their careers. Check out our training schedule here or contact Andre Thomas at for more information!