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A 35 year old, Trenton-based nonprofit that fosters self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities.

Safe and Healthy Homes

When Baptista Little called Isles, she knew her home was badly in need of repair, but she couldn't afford to get it done. Prince, who supervises our lead, healthy home, and energy retrofit service, visited the home for an inspection and found a family with two small children under seven and a baby on the way, living in a house filled with dangerous indoor health concerns:

  • A badly leaking roof
  • Asbestos wrapped heating pipes 
  • Seven windows with dangerously peeling lead paint
  • A broken water pipe threatening to cause the upstairs bathroom floor and tub to fall into the living room
  • A 1910 vintage coal-fired heater (since converted to oil) that had quit working mid-winter of last year.  

...Within two weeks, the Littles had a new roof and heating system, lead safe windows, and a reinforced floor to ensure the bathtub remains safely upstairs. 

Isles specializes in fixing homes that threaten children’s health and waste energy, and by training and hiring local contractors, we strengthen our local economy at the same time. A house that could have been condemned became a safe, energy-efficient, and healthy home for the Little children.

“Thankful is not the word,” wrote Baptista, “this family will be forever grateful to Isles.”

Isles has provided this type of lead safe, energy efficiency, and healthy homes rehab service for more than 170 Trenton homeowners over the past four years, showcasing a model for providing cost-effective solutions to lead hazards that plague Trenton and other older cities in New Jersey.