Isles’ Virtual Forum – Videos and Slides

DAY 1: EQUITY AND ACCESS (Monday, June 6)

10 AM: Lessons of the Pandemic from Nonprofit Leaders

Join us for a roundtable discussion on how the region’s nonprofits have weathered this once-in-a-generation pandemic – including how they’ve adapted operations, responded to changing needs, and planned for resiliency for the future. 

12 PM: Let’s GO Trenton – Clean & Community-Driven Transportation for Trenton

As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, state, local, and community stakeholders have collaborated for the past few years to develop GOTrenton – a community-driven electric vehicle pilot that will increase transportation access while reducing air pollution in the city. Join us to learn more about this project and how we can continue to center equity and people in our transition to a clean energy economy. View Slides Here

2 PM: Getting Online to Learn: Closing the Digital Divide

When COVID shutdowns occurred, Isles Youth Institute pivoted to provide remote instruction; however, some students did have not reliable access to high-speed internet service. Join this session to learn what Isles and its partners are doing to address the digital access gap in Trenton and similar communities. View Slides Here.

DAY 2: Health, Wealth, and the Green Economy (Tuesday, June 7)

10 AM: Implementing NJ’s Powerful New Tool to Make Homes Lead Safe – Lead Safe Certificates

This session provides information about NJ’s new Lead Safe Certificate law and how it will help keep children safe from lead hazards in their homes. We’ll discuss how Lead Safe Certificates work, who it affects and its impact in other cities. View Slides Here


12 PM: Developing a Green Workforce: Eliminating Barriers and Overcoming Challenges

In this session, we’ll explore the challenges to growing a green workforce from both the employee and employer side. You’ll learn about the struggles of new employees entering this growing field and what employers need most. View Slides Here.

2 PM: A Slow “Tsunami” – Understanding and Addressing COVID-related Housing Displacement

The social and economic disruptions caused by COVID continue to threaten families’ housing stability. Due to COVID-related job losses, a tightened housing market and increasing prices, a “tsunami” of evictions was predicted. However, effective policy responses, including eviction moratoria, rent/mortgage relief, and stimulus checks, have made its impact on housing stability not as straightforward as expected. Join this panel to learn about the region’s housing stability and what Isles and partners are doing to support families struggling to retain stable, safe housing. View Slides Here

DAY 3: Safe and Sustainable Cities (Wednesday, June 8)

10 AM: Block by Block: Strategies for Rebuilding Trenton’s Neighborhoods

This past year, Isles partnered with Trenton Health Team and Center for Community Progress to update 2015’s neighborhood market study of Trenton, highlighting key measures of each neighborhood’s social and economic vitality. Join this session to learn more about the findings of this study, recommendations for how to move the city forward, and the value of analyzing and sharing timely data to inform localized policymaking. View Slides Here

12 PM: Growing Gardeners: Isles Incubator Garden

Since 2014, Isles has managed an education and training garden that provides novice gardeners with skills, resources, and support to grow their own food and take what they’ve learned to a neighborhood garden the following year. Learn about the lessons learned from this nearly-decade-old initiative and hear from some of the incubator garden’s participants and graduates. View Slides Here

2 PM: Resilience to Violence: Building Public Safety through Community-Based Initiatives

To address the causes of violence, communities need to create robust and resilient networks of support so that violence becomes an unacceptable response to conflict. The Trenton Community Street Teams project is a community-based violence intervention initiative designed to train and develop community members to be able to deescalate and defuse potentially violent situations in their neighborhoods. Join this session to learn more about Isles and other organizations’ work on this important issue.

DAY 4: Resilient Communities (Thursday, June 9)

10 AM: Preparing for Trenton’s Changing Climate: Climate Corps and Urban Green Infrastructure

Like many places, Trenton is already experiencing hotter average temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events. To proactively address present and future climate challenges, Isles is piloting the Trenton Climate Corps. Trenton Climate Corps will train, employ, and mobilize cohorts to implement green infrastructure and climate resilience projects in Trenton and the region, to increase Trenton’s ability to thrive amidst rising temperatures. Join this session to learn about this initiative, the nine other Delaware River-based communities participating, and how you and your organization can be involved.

12 PM: The Future of Office Space: Social Profit Center at Mill One

Co-working, hot-desking, hybrid, shared space, etc. What is the future of office space, and how do we meet the differing needs of employees without sacrificing community-building, culture, or results? Hear about one space-sharing community where we focus on collaboration to maximize impact. View Slides Here

2 PM: Increase the Peace: Creating a Culture of Peace through Creative Youth Engagement

Public safety has been a key concern of Trentonians, particularly youth. Many youth have said they’re surrounded by influences that encourage violence, with few alternative messages or ideas. In partnership with local businesses, artists, and community based organizations, Isles Youth Services developed “Increase the Peace,” an anti-violence messaging campaign that seeks to feature messages of peace, anti-violence, affirmation, and hope. Join this session to learn more about this initiative and hear from some of the youth and artists who have participated. View Slides Here

DAY 5: Future-Focused Opportunities (Friday, June 10)

10 AM: The Johnson Center for Learning and Impact

As Isles enters its fifth decade of fostering self-reliance and healthy communities, we are taking on an ambitious project to scale our work and impact. In this session, we’ll share plans for the Johnson Center for Learning and Impact including how we are developing a community-based research and analysis hub, offering social entrepreneurship training, and expanding our policy work.

12 PM: The Housing Holy Grail: Why and How to Make Housing Safe, Healthy, Energy Clean, and Efficient

This session explores why healthy and efficient housing is a critical need, and best practices to achieve this ‘holy grail’ from Isles and experts from around the country. Specifically, how can we integrate siloed energy and health programs to maximize efficiencies in making improvements? View Slides Here

2 PM: Virtual Networking

Join us for a virtual networking hour with panelists, attendees, and sponsors from the week’s sessions! We’ll offer topic-based breakout rooms for you to ask questions, share insights and resources, and connect with one another