Isles’ 2024 Virtual Forum

Isles’ Past Virtual Forums

As part of our 40th anniversary celebration, Isles developed our first Virtual Forum, a weeklong series of free webinars, workshops, and panels focused on a variety of themes related to our work, including community development, environmental solutions, violence prevention, and more. The Forum, held in June 2021, featured panelists from a variety of partner organizations and brought over 650 attendees together to discuss these crucial topics.

Due to the success of our first Virtual Forum, we decided to host it yearly, and held the second annual Virtual Forum in June of 2022. This second forum allowed us to expand upon the most important topics from the first year and bring in new partners and members of the organization to share about totally new topics, as well. We hope to continue to learn and grow as an organization and spread our knowledge through hosting these yearly forums.

Interested in partnering with us for our virtual forum? Have ideas for topics you think we should focus on in the future? Contact us here.