Trenton Climate Corps

Fostering self-reliant youth and sustainable communities

The Trenton Climate Corps builds on Isles’ existing youth and environmental services and the Corps Network’s infrastructure and support to address some of Trenton’s most pressing youth and environmental crises. We partner with a variety of residents, businesses, and other stakeholders to offer empowering youth programming and increase the sustainability and climate resiliency of the City and its residents.


Members of our Corps program have access to a variety of youth development services through both Isles’ existing youth programming and our additional partnerships with local organizations and corporations. Beyond access to all IYI programming, Corps members are provided with:


Job readiness and placement services have been integral components of Isles’ youth development services in IYI for decades. Our staff regularly work with over 100 youth annually to prepare them for future careers and help place them in matching jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities through our extensive network of employers and partners. The Corps utilizes these connections and the existing curriculum to provide job readiness and development support for members.


Isles Youth Services and IYI have long featured programming to teach local youth social skills, basic hygiene, emotional wellness, leadership skills, and more. Corps members have access to these curriculums and have the ability to participate in a variety of workshops on building networking skills, cultural awareness, civic knowledge, and more. These programs help members develop crucial skills to move forward in their lives and be leaders in their communities.


One of the key features of Isles’ Youth Services and IYI is the personalized case management, mentorship, and support our staff provide to youth. Corps members have access to all of our services at Isles and are provided with one-on-one attention from case managers to monitor progress and assist with any individual needs. We also utilize our existing network of resources to point members in the direction of any services we cannot provide.

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The work of the Trenton Climate Corps focuses on improving the climate resiliency of Trenton and its residents. We partner with a variety of organizations and groups to identify projects that can address the most pressing environmental issues in Trenton. Some of the areas we work in are:


Trenton’s empty tree pits and underutilized open spaces throughout the City provide many tree planting opportunities, especially around the Assunpink Creek, which flows directly into the Delaware River. Our Corps members assist with local tree inventories, GIS mapping of tree locations, and planting and maintaining trees throughout the City. Members learn the fundamentals of tree care and contribute to Isles’ assistance with the development of a new Community Forestry Management Plan for Trenton.


Effective stormwater management is a key part of building climate resiliency in a City. Our Corps members assist with inlet cleaning, litter abatement, and the installation of rain gardens and rainwater catchment systems. The Corps will also work long term to convert areas of public space that are typically mowed into native meadows that can capture stormwater and reduce fuel inputs while promoting habitats for pollinators and other wildlife.


The Isles Garden Support Network is a key service of our organization that contributes to long-term sustainability of individuals and their communities. Corps members assist with projects to redevelop vacant lots into community gardens and help to maintain those gardens as agricultural production hubs for their surrounding communities.


Isles provides comprehensive energy efficiency and weatherization services to Trenton residents as a way to promote self-reliance of individuals and contribute to a more sustainable City. Our Corps members assist with home energy audits and learn important efficiency and healthy homes assessment tools through Isles’ Center for Energy & Environmental Training (CEET).


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