Increase the Peace

Increase the Peace is a city-wide violence prevention campaign. We gather anti-violence resources, hold creative events to engage local youth, and use youth-driven messaging campaigns to encourage nonviolent conflict resolution. 



We’re asking Trenton’s youth to do their part in using nonviolent conflict resolution methods and encouraging others to do the same. Increasing the peace takes accountability and looking at what you can do in your communities and neighborhoods to set the tone. We hold events for youth to join and have resources on effective conflict resolution and anti-violence training and messaging for youth to view below.


We believe that collective action within local communities can make Trenton intolerant to violence. We hold meetings and go out into the community to hear feedback on how to develop more community-driven projects for peace. We encourage all to join in and help us make our streets safe.


We know that building a community intolerant to violence starts with love. We aim to create positive communities of youth that encourage each other, build each other up, and work together to spread messages of peace in their neighborhoods. 


The Capital City Youth Violence Coalition (CCYVC) Trenton Youth Safety Playbook


An Overview of Youth Violence
Online Trainings from VetoViolence
  • Connecting the dots – Explore the overlaps between multiple forms of violence and working towards prevention (40 minutes)
  • Principles of Prevention – Understand the root causes of violence and the things that can prevent it to protect people and communities (60 minutes)

The Challenge

Trenton has had a turbulent last few years, with COVID-related absences in activities exacerbating existing issues and contributing to heightened tensions across the City. As a result, there were a record 40 homicides and at least 148 shooting victims in 2020, more than a third of which involved youth under 24. These young people often do not receive sufficient attention or investment even under non-pandemic conditions, leading to them feeling undervalued, unloved, and hopeless and more susceptible to violence. While there are existing initiatives to address the underlying causes of violence and make public safety more community-driven in Trenton, it is crucial to involve youth in positive messaging for those to succeed.

Why Increase the Peace?

Increase the Peace is a citywide initiative that seeks to involve youth in messaging that encourages peaceful conflict resolution strategies and builds up our communities. We know that any successful violence prevention messaging campaign must be community-driven and specific, and we believe that creating a Trenton that is intolerant to violence starts with our youth. Through activities that provide healthy outlets for youth, teach them leadership and team building skills, and emphasize Trenton’s arts and culture, Increase the Peace seeks to build up a positive community of youth that are ready to lead their peers and communities in pushing for peace.