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Isles Financial Solutions Case Studies

Mr. D
Before IFS

  • $2500 in collection debt, including a payday loan 
  • Inconsistent bill-paying practices (late payments)
  • No access to affordable credit
  • Credit Score:    592

IFS coached Mr. D on the importance of paying bills on time and the role of timely payments in credit scores. Our staff helped Mr. D create a monthly budget and pointed out places where he could reduce expenses. A  Springboard loan was extended to him so that he could pay off his high interest debt (helping his credit profile) and save money.

After IFS:

  • All bills paid on time, every time
  • Two lines of credit opened
  • Delinquent accounts satisfied
  • Credit score:    671

Mr. L
Before IFS

  • Approximately $50,000 in unsecured high-interest debt 
  • Behind on 2nd mortgage payments
  • Inconsistent bill paying practices (late payments)
  • Regular phone calls from debt collectors

Mr. L was under pressure. His primary concern was his ability to make the monthly payments on his 2nd mortgage.  IFS staff helped Mr. L negotiate with his bank to restructure the debt and get a drastic reduction in the principle owed.  In addition, Mr. L worked with his financial coach to reduce the interest rates on other debts and develop a workable budget. With prodding from his IFS coach, he realized that he needed more cash each month and secured a second (part-time) job.

After IFS:

  • Interest rate on unsecured debt reduced from an average of 10%; monthly payments brought to a manageable level
  • Reduction in principle owed on 2nd mortgage from $40,000 to $3,500
  • Maintained  a monthly budget
  • All bills paid on time, every time
  • Increased income 
  • Increased savings
  • No debt collection calls

Ms. H
Before IFS

  • Approximately $5,000 in high interest credit card debt and student loan debt
  • Behind on student loan and other unsecured debt payments
  • Denied access to additional student loans
  • No monthly budget
  • No savings

Ms. H came to Isles looking for help in creating a workable monthly budget. She wanted to invest in her future by continuing her education, but past delinquencies were getting in her way. Her applications for student loans had been denied.

After IFS

  • Created a monthly budget that she could stick to
  • Paid off her delinquent student loan debt with a $2,100 low-interest Isles Springboard loan
  • Secured the financing she needed to continue her education


Mr. Jones thought that the dream of homeownership was “out of his hands.” Struggling to make ends meet and facing credit issues, he thought it seemed impossible to save enough money to buy a home and repair his credit. However, Isles successfully worked with Mr. Jones to turn his dream into reality.

After talking to an Isles Financial Solutions counselor, Mr. Jones was inspired to begin working toward his goal of homeownership. He attended a class for personal finance management and used the knowledge and tools he received to begin saving toward his goal.  Soon after, he took Isles' Homebuyer Class and signed up for pre-purchase counseling. Mr. Jones started saving in an Individual Development Account, which allowed him to receive a 2:1 match for his savings toward his home.  Today, he’s on the verge of purchasing that home.


Another satsified IFS customer explains his experience this way: 

“I was first introduced to Isles Financial Solutions and Kit (an IFS counselor) in January 2012. At the time, my credit scores were in the 500s.  I had 3 to 5 derogatory marks on my credit reports that were causing me financial havoc. During our first discussion, Kit explained to me how he could permanently eliminate or remedy my derogatory marks (even the most difficult), raise my scores to the high 600s and eventually to 700,  and even work with me to get a number of lines of credit.  Needless to say,  I was hopeful, but still skeptical.  It is now June 2012 and I am proud to honestly say that IFS has not only done everything they said would do for me in that first conversation, but Kit has literally changed my future and my life by getting me on track. My latest credit score was close to 700. I found this out when I applied for and received a credit card and line of credit on my own from one of my banks. None of these successes would have been possible before I met Kit. Now, I am moving towards my ultimate goal to refinance my mortgage at a lower rate. Thank you IFS and Kit for getting me on track.”