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Foreclosure Assistance


Isles' foreclosure services helps folks who have fallen behind and face the terrible possibility of losing their home. Isles client, Josephine Harris, has told us her story. She is the backbone of her family. She has 4 grandchildren, two grown boys and an ex-husband that she helps. The grandchildren range from just going in to college to in college and out in the working world. “But all of them are worse off than I am, and I do not have much.” All her money was going to her children and grandchildren.

foreclosure assistance“Isles came in to my life when I was totally stuck. Back in 2008, the bank had set up a payment schedule that was so inflexible that I could not meet the payments that they required. Over the years I fell behind and was about to lose my home.  I had lawyers and many others, none of them helped – until Isles came in to the picture.”

“Isles and Markese Humphrey taught me so much. They were so persistent. They  were able to get in there and get a response.”

Josephine learned how to line her financial  things up properly and she learned how to budget her money.  I spend less on eating out now and I have learned that I need to let others in my family suffer a little bit and have learned to say “NO”! The more you give the more they expect you to give.

“Saving my home has had a huge impact on my family…if I had lost it - our family would certainly have fallen apart – I don’t know what they would have done – some would certainly be homeless.”

“These services are needed so badly. There are so many folks that are much, much worse off than I am.”