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Center for Energy and Environmental Training


J. Scott Needham, President of Princeton Air Conditioning, Inc., sent a note about his company’s experience with the six CEET graduates they hired:

“When you receive a constant flow of positive comments from customers at the conclusion of a job, you start to really appreciate the hard work that goes into the difficult task of retrofitting a home. We feel this is the result of the team concept we employ here and is evident by the active participation by all of the field teams at our monthly operations meetings. It is wonderful to hear the good ideas that come from our ‘Isles guys’ as to how to do things better and faster.”

“I must also mention that they are all great guys and fun to be around! The Isles’ CEET program has been a real win for us. The initial attraction is the labor rate rebate; however, after the apprenticeship training period, the real attraction turns out to be the person we end up with. We are currently looking to add additional people as we grow and will continue to look to Isles for help.”

Isles Youth Institute graduates have moved to self-reliance at Isles’ Center for Energy and Environmental Training (CEET).

Aubriel, ’06 alumna and Isles’ CEET trainee, has worked for PSE&G since 2009. She began as an energy auditor and now reads meters. Aubriel enjoys her work and cites the discipline she learned through her Isles training as one of her most important assets as an employee. About Isles, Aubriel says, “If you want change for yourself and are willing to make sacrifices, Isles is the backbone and gives you the support to do it.”

Troy, ’07 alumnus and Isles’ CEET trainee, has also worked at PSE&G since 2009. Troy feels grateful to be at PSE&G. He and his wife recently bought their first home in Willingboro and plan to purchase a multi-family investment property in Trenton—a plan whose seed was planted while learning construction skills at IYI. According to Troy, “Isles literally changed my life when they reached out to me.”