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A 37 year old, Trenton-based nonprofit that fosters self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities.

Lead, Asthma, and Healthy Homes


Through an innovative project called ReHEET (Residential Healthy homes and Energy Efficiency Transformation), Isles is providing a coordinated approach to delivering multiple residential services that are typically only addressed individually, creating disruption for homeowners and increased costs for everyone.  

ReHEET provides energy audits, healthy homes (lead, mold, asthma) testing and remediation, structural repairs, insulation and air sealing, and community education on energy and home health in Trenton neighborhoods. Isles hopes that this approach to addressing all of the problems of older urban homes in one “case,” will become a national model.

Isles targets homes that waste energy, threaten the health of children, and are at risk of abandonment. ReHEET has provided comprehensive lead, energy, and healthy homes services to more than 200 homes.


In 2012, Mrs. Luedene Pete feared for her home. In dire disrepair, it was on the verge of condemnation. She lived with mold and mildew and rotting sheetrock, caused by rain and snow and a damaged roof. Mrs. Pete had seen Isles’ work on several homes in her neighborhood. She contacted Prince Moore, Isles E4 field supervisor. Prince promptly assessed her home. Within a short time, Mrs. Pete’s home had a new roof, sheetrock, and a new floor in her living room.

Like a thousand other homes, Mrs. Pete’s home is attached to an abandoned house that had fallen into worse disrepair. Over time, water started coming in from the damaged roof next door. Once again, Mrs. Pete reached out to Isles. Isles repaired the roof on the abandoned house, preparing it for future renovation. Mrs. Pete is grateful for Isles and to Prince for saving her home. She told us, “This is the first winter I don’t have to worry about water or snow coming into my home. I was panicked and Prince saw my needs and went right to work to help.” Prince’s response: “It’s a privilege to work for Isles. It enables me to help others and I get joy out of seeing other people joyful.”

Isles targets homes that waste energy, threaten the health of children, and are at risk of abandonment. More than 60 homes were renovated over the past two years, with up to 70 more to be completed over the next two years.

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