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First Time Homeownership


A “Turnaround” Story

The first time we met Tynisa Hall in May 2007, she talked with passion about her  family’s desire to buy a home. “It’s important for me to create stability for my kids and at the same time build wealth,” she said.  
first time homeowner
Two major obstacles stood in her way – low credit scores and excess debt. Tynisa  was typical for her age and income. But with help from Isles, Tynisa’s desire  overcame the obstacles. She repaid her debt, repaired her credit, and bought a home. Tynisa learned about Isles’ Homebuyer Sevices and, with Isles’ counselors, created  a plan of action to overcome her high debt and low credit scores. First, Tynisa  tracked her expenses and developed a budget. At the end of each session, Tynisa  created a “to do” list to complete for the next session. Later, she was able to join a  pilot effort that made available a  low-interest loan to pay off an old debt that was crushing her credit score. By July 2009, Tynisa’s credit score had soared into the 700s. She had paid off all  old debts, and she was on time with her bills. By August she was pre-approved for a home loan.  
first time homeowner
Her advice to others who want to buy a home: “You have to really want to be a  homeowner and do what’s necessary to become one. It’s easy to say that you want  to buy a home, but you have to be focused, patient, and stick with a plan.” And  what difference did Isles make? “The counselors were great and cared about what  I was doing. They wanted to see results and I gave them results. It was a family  environment working with Isles. They helped me to succeed. My children and I are  very happy with our new home!”