Hana Sabree

Job Placement & Recruitment Specialist

Hana Sabree is one of the Manager of Student Experience at Isles Youth Institute, where she works with students to solidify a place of employment and/or internship. Previously, she worked as an Educational Specialist for MCCC Youth College Program’s Very Important People (VIP), where she facilitated after school programing for TCHS students. She holds her B.A in Psychology from Kean University with concentrations on Africana Studies and Music. She also earned her M.A in Urban Ed. and Community Studies from Rowan University, where she also served as a Residential Director for 3 on campus residence halls.

As a Trenton Native, Hana’s passionate about supporting the mental health of the youth in Trenton. In the past she has also worked with MCCC Youth College as a mentor for multiple programs. She takes joy in involving herself in community events that gear toward honoring the beauty of the city she loves so much. When she’s not working, you can find her laughing with her family, expressing herself creatively (singing, dancing, writing & photography), and resting. You’ll always see her smiling.