Sarahdjie Monosiet

Communications Manager

Sarahdjie Monosiet is was born in Haiti, raised in NYC and has been a Trenton resident for nearly 20 years. Previously, Sarahdjie was an associate director of programs and marketing for NJ Campus Compact where she managed federal grants, programs and marketing for the last 7 years. Sarahdjie received her masters in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University in spring of 2022. After receiving her master’s, Sarahdjie wanted to switch careers to solely focus on communication work and make an impact in her local town, Trenton. As communication manager of Isles, she hopes to increase awareness of the services that Isles provides in the local community. Outside of her work at Isles, she is an entrepreneur and a mother to an amazing teenager. Sarahdjie enjoys making tik toks with her daughter, dancing and spending quality time with her loved ones.