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RFQ: Lead Hazard Control Contractors


As part of the lead safe and healthy housing rehab that Isles provides, a “Request for Qualifications” (RFQ) is being sought for work under the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Lead Safe Home Remediation Pilot program and other Lead Hazard Control Projects. Isles intends to award up to 5 contracts to respondents whose proposal(s) are most advantageous to Isles, price and other factors considered.

Respondent(s) must provide services in Trenton, NJ and surrounding municipalities. The selected Respondent(s) shall be bound to specific terms and conditions of the signed contract. Contracts will be issued within 15 working days of the RFQ submission deadline. 

The RFQ proposal packet is here. They can also be obtained in person at 33 Tucker St., Trenton NJ 08618, requested by email at or, or by phone: 609.341.4726 or 609.341.4756.

All questions or requests for additional information shall be directed to Peter Rose, by email at: The deadline for submission of questions is: Friday, January 12, 2018.

All RFQs must be received at Isles Inc. no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 18th 2018. Any RFQ received after 4:00 p.m. will not be accepted. Bids can be submitted by mail, or be delivered in person. Whether the RFQ is sent by mail, email or commercial express service, the Contractor shall be responsible for the actual delivery of the RFQ to Isles before the deadline time. 

One original of your RFQ response should be submitted. All RFQs shall be submitted in a sealed envelope/package. Envelope/package shall be addressed to Isles, Inc. Attn: Peter W. Rose, 10 Wood St., Trenton NJ 08618, and the following clearly printed on the outside: your company name, LEAD CONTRACTOR RFQ, and date.

Three references shall be provided by the Contractor as part of his/her RFQ response. Failure to provide this information may result in RFQ being deemed non-responsive. Isles reserves the right to reject all RFQs, in whole or in part, to waive technicalities and to make award as deemed to be in the best interest of Isles. Isles does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to its services or activities. Women Owned and Minority Business Enterprises will be offered full opportunity to bid and will not be subject to discrimination on the base of race, color, gender, or national origin in consideration of an award.

RFQ proposals must contain all requested documentation, certifications, and contractor information in order to be considered. Isles reserves the right to waive informality in the bidding or to accept or reject any or all proposals if deemed in the best interest of Isles. Isles further reserves the right to waive minor irregularities in proposals submitted in response to this RFQ.

By order of
Peter W. Rose, Managing Director

Isles, Inc.
10 Wood St.
Trenton NJ 08618