August 2014 Update

A problem well defined is half-solved. This timeless adage seems especially true for developing communities. 

This summer, in just seven weeks, Isles, working with the Trenton Neighborhood Restoration Campaign and the City of Trenton, coordinated teams of community volunteers and Rutgers interns, mapped all of Trenton’s 31,000+ properties. The goal? To identify every vacant building and lot in the city and it’s condition.

Vacant, often decaying buildings impact safety, quality of life, and the economic and environmental health of the city and region – and there are thousands of such properties around Trenton.  The study will serve as a guide for the administration of Trenton’s new Mayor Jackson, as well as Isles, developers, and othes who need to know where the real problems – and opportunities – reside. 

This newsletter features this project and how it was completed in record-breaking time.  It’s an example of our “Learn, Do, Teach” approach to meeting our audacious mission. 

I am honored to introduce two new additions to our Executive team at Isles. John Hart, Chief Operating Officer, and Judy Nixon, Chief Financial Officer, joined Isles this summer.  You can learn why we are excited to work alongside them here.


With gratitude and in community,