Sean Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

John Hart

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Rose

Managing Director, Community Enterprises

Michael Nordquist

Managing Director, Community Planning & Development

Martin Johnson



Justin Allen

Urban Agriculture Coordinator

Patricia Berhau

Asset Building & Housing Coordinator

Richard Betz

Staff Accountant

Olivia Buickerood

Grant Writer

Anthony Cannon

Clean & Green Coordinator

Iris Charles

IYI Case Manager

Nicholas DeLibero

Communications Associate

Harry Dunckley

Vocational Teacher

Alla Fedosenko

Job Developer

John Gallo

Lead Hazard Control Supervisor

Kathryn Gazda

NJ Lead Outreach Coordinator

William Gethard

Lead Construction Manager

Jacquelin Giacobbe

Director of Comms. and Grants Management

Ben Haygood

Environmental Health Policy Director

Stacy Heading

Youth Services and Outreach Manager

Chantea Hobson

Academic Instructor

Cherie Hooks

Energy & Envir. Health Services Manager

Barbora Hroncova

Energy & Envir. Health Services Coordinator

Elena Hung-Shum

Asset Builder and Housing Coordinator

Debra Lawrey

Academic Instructor

Chris Lewis

Administrative Systems Assistant

Kelly Marker

Deputy Director, Real Estate Development

Patrick Maxime

Community Revitalization Support Staff

Loren McAlister

Director, Human Resources & Administration

Kate Miguel

Clean Energy Advocate

Hawwah Momolu

Office Support

Prince Moore

Senior Construction Manager

Paris Parker

Urban Ag. Coordinator

Ankit Patel

Asset Building Coordinator

Elyse Pivnick

Senior Director, Environmental Health

Dayron Proctor

Job Placement & Recruitment Specialist

Emily Puskar

CEET Program Manager/Trainer

Anthony Richards

Evening Resource Coordinator

Nicole Russo

Urban Agriculture Coordinator

Roberto Santiago

Facilities Supervisor

Allison Scalfaro

Administrative Systems Coordinator

Jean Shaddow

Senior Project Manager

Christopher Shimchick

CP&D Project Manager

Kep Short

Vice Principal, Isles Youth Institute

Jim Simon

Deputy Director, Community Planning

Bennett Sims

Facilities Maintenance Associate

Julia Stoller

Board Coordinator

Charlotte Taylor

Development Associate

Christian Taylor

Community Revitalization Support Staff

Andre Thomas

Training Manager

Matthew Torres

Community Revitalization Support Specialist

Julio Vasquez

Energy & Envir. Health Services Assistant

Linda Vasquez

Energy & Envir. Customer Service Assistant

Christian Vasquez

Energy & Envir. Health Services Assistant

Ron Voorhees

Lead Hazard Construction Manager

Patricia Walker

Director of Development

Kevin Weber

Lead Hazard Control Supervisor

Anita Wemple

Principal, Isles Youth Institute

Pooja Yadavar

Accounting and Payroll Specialist