Foreclosure Prevention

Helping families avoid foreclosure and protect community assets

At a personalized Foreclosure Prevention counseling session, we will consider your overall financial picture and explain possible alternatives to foreclosure. Determining the best course of action can be difficult to do on your own. We help you make sense of the options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We are HUD-certified for this service and it is offered free of charge.

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After a thorough review of your income and expenses, as well as your debt, causes of delinquency and future prospects, your housing counselor will discuss the different options for homeowners in your circumstances.

Isles counselors will:

  • Assess your circumstances and explain your mortgage options
  • Review your credit and help you develop a household budget
  • Establish a plan of action
  • Negotiate with the lender/servicer of your loan when appropriate
  • Help you apply for pertinent mortgage assistance programs
  • Provide referrals to resources for other needs/services
Questions about mortgage payment options during COVID-19? Watch this informative video from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Foreclosure Assistance Package

In order to properly assist you with your mortgage issue, we need your assistance in providing us with complete information about your mortgage, income, and any correspondence you have received from your lender. The information we are requesting from you will enable our housing counselors to begin to develop a plan to assist you with your mortgage problem. We know that it’s a lot of information, but since mortgage issues are complicated, we need each document in order to be of assistance.

We have provided a checklist to help you keep all of the information in order.

Click the links below to open the required documents. Once you have filled out the forms and made the necessary copies, please return the complete Foreclosure Assistance Package to us by email at [email protected], fax (609.341.4767), regular mail (Isles, 10 Wood Street, Trenton, NJ 08618. After we receive your package, we will schedule a meeting with one of our HUD certified housing counselors.

Click on the Foreclosure Assistance Packet which includes the following documents:

  • Customer Checklist
  • Isles Request for Service Form and disclosure statements
  • Intake Questions
  • Budget
  • Making Home Affordable Certification

Request for Transcript of Tax Return

Questions? Email Elena at [email protected]
or call 609.341.4783.

The Challenge

Foreclosures can devastate entire neighborhoods and cities, not just the borrowers who lose their homes. Foreclosures – and the spikes in crime and depreciating property values they cause – harm entire neighborhoods as well.

Studies have shown that foreclosures:

  • Increase violent crime in neighborhoods.
  • Decrease property values an average of $2,000 per foreclosure in low-income neighborhoods.
  • Cost cities revenue as falling property values jeopardize crucial property tax streams which fund public systems like schools, law enforcement and roads.

It has been estimated that 314 of the high-cost loans made in 2006 in the Trenton area are likely to go into foreclosure. The costs to all of the stakeholders involved will be more than $40 million. These costs hit all Trenton and Ewing city stakeholders including:

  • Individual homeowners in foreclosure who will lose more than $2.2 million
  • Lenders/Investors who will lose more than $19 million,
  • Local Governments who will pay more $6 million in increased police costs and lost property tax
  • Neighborhood homeowners whose homes will lose more than $13 million in value due to foreclosures around them.

2023 Snapshot

82 customers had positive mortgage outcomes.

276 received housing or foreclosure advice or assitance.

165 received foreclosure prevention services.