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What will make downtown Trenton thrive? Survey seeks input from residents, businesses. (12.21.21)

Transforming Art: Isles Youth Institute and Leon Rainbow team up to keep the peace (11.21.21)

NJ takes ‘significant step’ to ending exposure to lead under laws Murphy just signed (7.22.21)

City’s Second Parklet Installed At Trenton Ice Cream Parlor (7.10.21)

Isles Summer Garden Social brings growth in many ways (7.1.21)

Inspired Threads shows the way to fair hiring for all (6.30.21)

Registration is Open for Isles’ 2021 Forum (5.26.21)

Isles shows Trenton growth potential at Tucker St. garden (5.10.21)

Trenton to Launch Electric Vehicle Solution to Improve Transportation Access and Public Health (2.17.21)


Mill One Attracts Artists to Hamilton Arts District (12.26.20)

Trenton’s Urban Gardens Foster Food Sovereignty and Civic Engagement (7.1.20)

Marty Johnson ’81’s Nonprofit Helps Trenton Families Weather COVID-19 (June 2020)

Ignore the charlatans who say clean energy is too expensive | Opinion (6.23.20)

Broad Support Expressed for NJ’s New Energy Master Plan (1.27.20)

I Am Trenton Awards More Than $40,000 in Old Trenton Neighborhood Grants (1.9.20)


Lead Dust is Poisoning our Children, Community Group Says (10.25.19)

After 38 years leading Isles, Inc., Marty Johnson is ready to write his next chapter (10.21.19)

Murphy’s Target Replace All Lead Service Lines in NJ by 2029 (10.11.19)

Jersey Water Works Lead in Drinking Water Task Force Releases Recommendations for Lead-Free Drinking Water, Joined by Governor Murphy (10.10.19)

Hanover Creative Aims to Connect Arts and Revitalization (10.9.19)

Trenton Housing Authority gets $925K grant for lead abatement (8.21.19)

Trenton mayor: One bill could supercharge the city’s transportation, jobs and clean air (7.19.19)

First time gardener Freeman enjoys vegetables of her labor (7.18.19)

Low-income residents should have access to clean solar energy, too, organizations say (4.15.19)


ISLES Youth Institute celebrates five years of helping Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (12.16.18)

Beautiful Broad Street by Leon Rainbow: TrentonDaily (11.5.18)

Home Sweet Home: New Internationalist (7.16.18)

L.A. Parker: Parklets Springing up in Trenton Again (5.31.18)

Isles Presents First-Time Home Buyer Event (5.27.18)

Assunpink Creek gets cleaned during East Trenton block party (4.29.18)

L.A. Parker: Students Learn About Classic and Modern Farming at Isles Event (4.12.18)

Isles Announces Arts and Gardening Opportunities (2.28.18)


Trenton Youth Artist Create ‘Trenton Makes’ Bridge Mural at Community Center (11.6.17)

Trenton’s Isles’ Fall Fest Deemed a Success (11.2.17)

Trenton-based Nonprofit Isles to Celebrate Mill One Social Profit Center With Fall Fest (10.11.17)

School Gardens Take Trenton’s Students from ‘yuck’ to ‘yum’ (4.28.17)

Kids and Horse Lovers Go Back in Time in Trenton (4.5.17)

State of the Arts: The Trenton Show (2.26.17)

Tougher N.J. Law Targets Kids’ Lead Paint Threat (2.6.17)


New Start New Jersey Podcast: Martin Johnson (12.2.16)

US Rep Watson Coleman Visits Trenton Home that Sickened Child with Lead Poisoning (10.24.16)

In Same County, Babies Face 14-Year Gap in Life Expectancy (7.19.16)

Trenton Receives $2M Federal Grant to Remove Leaded Paint from Older Homes (6.13.16)

Trenton Officials Say Water is Safe from Lead, but Warn of Other Issues (4.21.16)

Trenton Students Hitch Learning Experience to Howell Living History Farm Plow (4.7.16)

Prevention is Key to Combating Lead Poisoning, Expert Says (3.31.16)

Horses Return to Trenton to Kick Off Spring Gardening (3.30.16)

Living with Lead – Investigative Report with Mitch Blacher (3.28.16)

Untold Cities Across America Have Higher Rates of Lead Poisoning Than Flint (2.4.16)

Flint Probably Has Bigger Problems Than Lead Pipes (2.4.16)

Why 11 NJ Cities Have More Lead-Affected Kids Than Flint, Michigan (2.2.16)

4 Plans for Making Lead Poisoning a Priority in NJ (2.1.16)

$55K Grant to help redevelop Trenton Neighborhood (1.20.16)


7 Grassroots Projects in Trenton Get Boost from Grants (11.27.15)

Growing Healthy Habits in Trenton Community Gardens (8.26.15)

Trenton’s Isles Receives Two Grants (8.12.15)

Isles YouthBuild Students Complete Internship at Morven (8.7.15)

8 Graduate from Morven’s Summer Horticulture Program (8.1.15)

Isles Announces New Board Members (7.31.15)

A Case Study: “The Care, Feeding and Education of Donors” (Sobel) (6.29.15)

Isles Youth Institute celebrates their 20th graduation with 18 diplomas (6.23.15)

Greening the Parking Lot (Greenwood Avenue Farmers Market) (6.16.15)

13 Trenton projects get funding from the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (5.11.15)

Opinion: Financially literate employees make up a more productive workforce (4.14.15)

Oxen plow Isles community garden in Trenton in annual spring tradition 4.3.15

Trenton will get assistance from national group to integrate vacant property information in city systems (1.29.15)

Trenton’s Isles names new board members (1.21.15)

Lawmakers: Lead Poisoning Fund Needs Money (1.11.15)


Giordano Diner Rescued from Route 1 in Lawrence begins

Transformation into Isles Classroom (10.26.14)

Rutgers study looks at charitable giving in Mercer County (9.18.14)

Opinion: Lead poisoning makes it hard to do well in reading, writing and arithmetic (9.3.14)

Isles interns learn landscaping, build character at the historic Morven Museum and Garden (7.31.14)

Trenton restoration campaign has high hopes for city’s future (7.25.14)

L.A. Parker: Trenton kids need to eat more veggies, ISLES Inc can help (7.24.14)

Employees’ Financial Troubles Affect Business: Local Nonprofit Has a Solution 6.23.14

Employees’ Financial Troubles Affect Business: Local Nonprofit Has a Solution 6.22.14

NJ Diner Saved, On the Move 6.19.14

Vintage Giordano Diner makes journey from Lawrence to new home in Hamilton 6.18.14

Unique Partnership Saves Historic Diner As Possible Food Service Training Site 6.18.14

Veggie garden sprouts at Millhill Child & Family center in Trenton 5.20.14

Passing on his vision of a new life: Isles Inc. environmental trainer was once on a very different path 5.4.14

Opinion: Transform Trenton’s vacant and abandoned buildings into opportunities for renewal 4.27.14