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Lead and Healthy Homes

Isles “Get the Lead Out” Federal Reserve Paper

Urban Agriculture

Food Security in Trenton

Trenton Harvest Report UPenn

Community Planning

Trenton Arts in Focus

THDC Neighborhood Plan

East Trenton Neighborhood Brownfields Area-Wide Plan

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Lead & Healthy Homes

2021 ACEEE Report: Fostering Equity Through Community-Led Clean Energy Strategies

Columbia Law: NJ Cost of Childhood Lead Poisoning

Jersey Water Works: Lead in Drinking Water: A Permanent Solution for New Jersey

RWJF: Building a Culture of Health: A Policy Roadmap to Help All New Jerseyans Live Their Healthiest Lives

New Jersey Lead Poisoning Prevention Action Plan

NBER Working Paper Series: Lead and Juvenile Delinquency

Lead Exposure and Racial Disparities in Test Scores

Community Development

Community Development Leadership: Early Visionaries Inspire Tomorrow’s Success