Jean Shaddow

Senior Project Manager

Jean Shaddow is a Senior Project Manager in the Department of Community Planning & Development. In that capacity she oversees Isles’ Clean & Green vacant lot stabilization and improvement work along with other neighborhood arts and green infrastructure initiatives and Isles T-Recs, mobile recreation service. Jean started with Isles at the Youth Institute in 2011 after retiring from the City of Trenton where she was the Director of the Division of Natural Resources with responsibilities that included park development, maintenance and programming as well as oversight of the City’s Shade Tree Bureau. Her connection to City Hall helps to make many of our CP&D initiatives possible. Jean has a degree in Natural Resource Management, Forestry from Cook College, Rutgers University and she has spent the bulk of her career in Trenton, her home town, helping to make it greener. In her spare time, Jean volunteers as a Trustee of the Trenton Museum Society, who operate the Trenton City Museum, and is on the Board of the Trenton Historical Society. In addition to working to better Trenton, Jean is an avid traveler and always looks forward to the next adventure.