Dina Gonzales Nemeth

Assistant Building Manager of The Social Profit Center

Dina Gonzales Nemeth is the Assistant Building Manager of The Social Profit Center. She also manages our business development office for the building. The business development office helps our small businesses and nonprofit tenants with valuable operational and infrastructure resources. She is also responsible for enhancing the building experience for both tenants and visitors. Dina has successfully worked in business development since 2014. She has helped
mentor over 700 small businesses throughout New Jersey and New York State and City. She has successfully created and managed 20 capacity-building programs for small businesses. She is also the owner of Breaking The Barriers Development Group, a business consulting firm. Dina has her Master’s in Disadvantaged Economic Survivalism and is the mother of three children. Her passion is to help Women Minorities and Veterans grow their small businesses and create a legacy for their families.