December 2014 Update

Holiday greetings! 

This year, my holiday message is a simple one: take a look at the staff photo below, taken a few days ago at our Holiday party. I don’t tell them this nearly enough, but these are the faces of extraordinary, inspirational  people who bring diverse perspectives and talents to Isles’ audacious mission. They work really hard to make innovative things happen, in places where it matters most, with modest financial compensation.

How lucky I am to be part of this team!   

We are also grateful for all our loyal donors and volunteers, particularly those who donate their time, wisdom, and wealth to serve on our board of trustees.  Five trustees retired from the board this year: Frances Blanco, Henry Von Kohorn, Jacque Howard, Michael Dundas and Ann Marie Senior, our outgoing chairwoman.  (Next month, I’ll share the six new trustees who are joining Isles in 2015.)

If you see these good folks, staff or board, thank them for caring.  But then give them a hug for doing important things that matter – every day.

We deeply appreciate your friendship and support.  But this only works when others out there, like you, care enough too. 

May your gifts last a lifetime this holiday season.