Free Webinar: Lead's Effects on Learning

The Elephant in the (Class) Room: Lead’s Effects on Learning and School Performance.

A presentation in two parts about how lead affects a child’s ability to learn and dramatically limits their performance on standardized tests. We will discuss concerns about lead in water at many NJ schools, how lead affects school performance, and what parents and schools can do to support lead affected children.

Hosted by: Elyse Pivnick, Isles Director of Environmental Health
Guest Speaker: Dr. Ted Lidsky, clinical neuropsychologist

Wednesday, June 15th, 12pm-1pm, EST

Dr. Theodore I. Lidsky, PhD is a clinical neuropsychologist currently in private practice. He has evaluated more than 1,000 individuals who had elevated blood lead levels as infants. Until retirement in 2008, he directed the Center for Trace Elements and Environmental Neurotoxicology at the NYS Institute for Developmental Disabilities. Publications from his research include “The Neuropsychology of Childhood Lead Poisoning,” “Autism and Autistic Symptoms Associated with Childhood Lead Poisoning,” and “Neurodevelopmental Effects of Childhood Exposure to Heavy Metals: Lessons from Pediatric Lead Poisoning.”

This webinar was made possible with funding from PSEG Foundation, the Fund for New Jersey, Horizon Foundation of New Jersey, NJ Department of Health, and NJ Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities. It follows our March webinar Beyond Flint- The Crisis of Lead in Older Housing (and what we can do about it!) in this series of lead webinars.