Sponsor a Tree

Become a part of Isles’ history by sponsoring a fruit tree at Isles’ Tucker Street Urban Orchard.

Isles is pleased to announce that more than 60 fruit trees have been planted at our Tucker Street Garden for community members to harvest and enjoy for decades to come. These trees will provide fresh fruit and shade, improve air quality, and lower temperatures, especially during hot city summers.

A variety of trees ensures a bountiful harvest for much of the year: from cherries to peaches to apples, each in their own season. You can choose the kind of tree you’d like to sponsor and complete your donation by filling out the form below. All trees will be accompanied by a plaque, honoring you, your family, or a loved one. 

Watch your $500 gift grow into fresh fruit for our neighbors, a cooler climate for our city, healthier families, and a more sustainable, self-reliant community. 

Thank you to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and Vita Fusion for making this orchard possible.