Trenton Then & Now


Ever walk down a street in Trenton and wonder what it looked like a century ago? Then and Now is an ongoing photo-history project that retakes a photograph from the same perspective as the original. It focuses on Downtown Trenton’s historic businesses and often overlooked beautiful architecture – especially those that can only be seen in photographs. Every Friday, we release a new location at, so go check it out!

North Stockton Street: Built in 1900, these row-homes still maintain much of their original architecture. Many were abandoned for decades, but with the help of several partners including Isles and Ajax Downtown, they were successfully restored.

State Street: Top hats, long coats, billboards, and old cars, check out the bustling State Street of 1934. You can swipe between the Then & Now images of State Street at the link below, and read a little bit about Downtown Trenton’s fascinating history here: