Free Lead Testing

If your house or apartment was built before 1978, you may have lead paint in your home. Lead-based paint, even if hidden under layers of newer lead-free paint, can break down because of age, poor maintenance, or household repairs. Lead can also be found in your water from old plumbing pipes, soil, and even in children’s jewelry, toys, and old pottery. Lead in water has gotten a lot of attention lately, but dust from lead paint can be even more dangerous to young children. 80% or more of lead poisoning is caused by lead paint.

No amount of lead is safe for children under 6. It can cause severe attention, behavior, and learning problems. Lead poisoning is a life-long issue, but lead poisoning is preventableThe first step in protecting your children from lead poisoning is to have your home tested for lead.

Isles wants to test your home’s water and paint for lead at no cost. In fact, we’ll pay you $5 for taking this step towards a healthier home.

How it Works

Isles’ Community Health Workers will set up an appointment and come to your home to:

  • Test for the presence of lead
  • Test for other indoor issues that might be making asthma or other health conditions worse
  • Give you tips on how to keep your home lead safe and healthy
  • Give you a free gift bag of safe cleaning products and a $5 cash gift!

If we find lead in your home’s paint or dust, we can immediately enroll you in a program to provide repairs and maintenance to address the lead paint issues for free. If lead is found in your soil or water, we will provide you with information to help you keep your family safe. After the assessment, you could qualify for up to $12,000 in home repairs.

Check your eligibility

There is no income qualification for testing. All Trenton residents are invited to sign up to test their home for lead.

There is an income qualification for remediation. In order to qualify for free repairs to your home, you may not exceed our income cap. Check the table below to make sure your household income is less than the one listed for the number of people in your home.

If you have questions about your eligibility, contact us at 609-341-4726 or 609-341-4756.

Please note that Isles is not a government agency. We will not track your immigration status and we can provide testing services regardless of your status.


Keep your family safe from lead. Testing takes less than 1 hour and is scheduled at your convenience.


Call 609-341-4726 or sign up below: