2019 Camp Carrot Highlights

This month, Isles hosted 17 students at Camp Carrot—a 3-week camp where kids explored the outdoors, cooked healthy meals, went on field trips and discovered more about the environment and gardening through fun and educational activities.  Students learned about the importance of nutrition and exercise as they grew fresh produce, created tasty meals and practiced yoga.

“At camp we got to plant beets, carrots, bok choy, radishes and cilantro,” said eight-year-old camper Mary.

Students also enjoyed adventuring to nature sites such as Grounds for Sculpture, Gravity Hill Farm, the Abbott Marshlands and Howell Living History Farm.

“I liked going on the trip to Gravity Hill Farm,” stated 13-year-old camper Arielis.  “We went into the garden, picked food and got to eat fresh onions.”

Our Tucker Street garden served as an interactive area for students to learn about local produce, plants and how to maintain a garden.  Campers participated in activities that explained the importance of pollinators in a garden, watering systems, the differences between seeds and how to harvest fruits and vegetables.  12-year-old camper Gabe especially took interest in studying the bee hive at Tucker Street.

“When a bee hive gets too hot they use their wings’ down-drift to cool it off,” he explained.  “When the hive gets too cold they rub against each other creating friction.”

Thank you campers and our Urban Agriculture team for an exciting season!  Help us continue to grow this camp by donating at isles.org/donate.