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THDC Community-Driven Neighborhood Revitalization Planning & Implementation

This Isles guided planning project was initiated by the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC), a coalition of more than 40 community stakeholders from the West and North Wards of Trenton who are committed to building capacity in and revitalizing their neighborhood. 

planning meeting

The planning phase, funded by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, was driven by the participation of more than 450 community members, and resulted in a neighborhood plan that includes services and programs needed to help residents achieve and sustain an improved quality of life over the next five years. See the plan here.

The plan also resulted in Isles’ successful application on THDC’s behalf to the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation for a $700,000 grant to implement the plan. Three key stakeholders in the THDC, Shiloh CDC, Mercer Street Friends (MSF), and the NJ State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs (NJSFCWC), are subgrantees to Isles . Collectively, we are carrying out important priorities identified in the plan, including:

• support existing job development programs offered by Shiloh CDC;

• develop & implement a cultural awareness project that will hire youth to document the rich history of their neighborhood; carver center

• create a neighborhood watch program that capitalizes on the strong civic associations in the neighborhood;

• develop a community resource center and meeting space housed at the Carver Center, home of the NJSFCWC and one of the most loved and underutilized historic resources in the area. The center will enable  residents to access the internet, search for jobs, and get information about programs and services available to them;

• hire a community case manager to staff the resource center, develop its programming, and assist residents in accessing programs and services;

• hire a community outreach manager to continue the strong community engagement witnessed during the planning process;

• support an existing MSF program offering job and life skills training and a paid internship to at-risk youth, and support the ongoing operations of MSF’s Parent-Child Center West on Hermitage Avenue

• fund financial literacy and recreation programs. Funds will also be used to help the THDC attract new stakeholders who can assist in the physical redevelopment of the area.