December 2013 Update

In the classic holiday TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie is sent out to find a tree.  He searches out the tree most in need of care and, upon arriving home, others ridicule him, and he questions himself.  Out of this dark place, they find empathy, come together, and show what’s possible as a community.  They reconnect to that which is most meaningful.

Through our work at Isles, we get to experience this cycle a lot, especially this time of year. We feel lucky to be in a place where we are continually reminded of what is important.  And we work in community to make our “trees” – and yes, places – beautiful.  But this only works when others out there, like you, care enough too. 

So thank you to all our loyal donors and volunteers who have been here with us.  I particularly want to thank the special volunteers who have donated their time, wisdom, and wealth to serve on our board of trustees.  This month, five long serving trustees retire from the board as a result of term limits.  They include Tom Byrne, Rev. Karen Hernandez-Granzen, Liz Erickson, Manish Shah, and our chairman for the past three years, Steve Goodell.

If you see these good folks, thank them for caring.  But then really thank them for doing something about it.

Have a meaningful holiday season.  We deeply appreciate your friendship and support.


In community,