Isles Service Videos


This past summer, Isles hosted a Princeton Internships in Civic Service Intern, generously sponsored by the Princeton Area Alumni Association. Christie worked with Isles staff, customers, and community members to create short videos that highlight some of our services. Check out her work below!

Confronting Trenton’s Problem Properties

Where we live matters a lot. How can we make communities better? Isles helps residents steer and develop their own neighborhood master plans by providing research, funding, real estate development help, and more. In summer 2014, Isles guided a project in partnership with the Trenton Neighborhood Restoration Campaign to gather data and map all vacant properties in Trenton.


Youth Who Succeed

With Trenton’s high school dropout rate at 50%, what can we do? Since 1995, Isles has developed innovative ways to bring academic, vocational, and life skills to Isles Youth Institute (IYI) students. Students also work on construction and community service projects which further enhance their education.


Grow Your Own

Community gardening is a powerful way to revitalize vacant land, grow fresh food, and bring people together. In 1981, Isles brought community gardening to Trenton. Today, Isles Garden Support Network connects 60+ gardens throughout the region, producing tons of fresh local food each growing season.


Transforming Old Homes from Dangerous to Healthy

In older cities, homes are often the most dangerous place for kids to be, as well as inefficient. Can we solve these challenges all at once? Isles targets dilapidated occupied homes that are in danger of abandonment by addressing environmental hazards, energy efficiency, and structural concerns. Isles saves homeowners money, reduces childhood lead poisoning, and improves living conditions.


Housing Counseling

Want to buy or save a home in Mercer County, NJ? Isles provides first-time homebuyer and foreclosure help while strengthening family financial capability. More than 1600 residents have benefited since 2002. This includes over 200 families who bought their first home and nearly 200 more saved from foreclosure.


Center for Energy and Environmental Training (CEET)

Want a job in the green energy and environmental fields? Isles’ Center for Energy and Environmental Training makes it possible. With a hands-on teaching approach, and partnerships with companies looking for workers, CEET brings upward mobility for a career that improves the world!