The Rolling Drive

On April 19, an inspiring leader and friend, Louise Rolling, passed away. How lucky we are to stand on the shoulders of such great people who make this work possible! We shared these words at her service on Tuesday:

Louise and James Rolling came by our office in 1990, under the guise of wanting to create a community garden on Dunham Street. What they really wanted however, was something far more audacious – the cleanup of the contaminated old Magic Marker building.

At first, we thought it would take too long –over 10 years – to accomplish that. How frustrating would it be for the civic group to spend that much time on such a complex process? Where would the millions of dollars come from? Louise and James were so thoughtful, so connected to their community, and so persistent, that we joined forces with them. And what an honor it was to work alongside them, and eventually, to succeed with them on many fronts.

Louise was the quiet, but fiercely determined half of the Rolling team. We will miss her dearly and we will always be grateful for her leadership, friendship, and love. 



created by Christie Jiang, Princeton Class of 2017