Fall 2016

As we head into the fall and into the depths of the election season (yikes!), I’m pleased to share this IslesWorks newsletter with you.  

We’re honored to be one of 77 organizations nationwide to recently receive a US Dept of Labor YouthBuild grant. Isles Youth Institute’s 21st class of students started this fall, giving us a chance to work with inspiring young people who, despite leaving high school, really want a high school diploma and much more.  

We also find creative ways to revitalize places in the region.  Even if they are temporary, some projects, like the parklet, show what is possible within the footprint of only one parking space in the city.  

Singer/songwriter Dar Williams helps us kick off a series of 35th anniversary events on October 29.  Dar is a kindred spirit and old friend, so we are really pleased she agreed to perform again for us.

Also, as part of our 35th year, we’ve reached out to 35 key people who have made a big impact on Isles over the years.  What a fun way to be reminded of all the strong shoulders we stand upon.

Finally, Amazon Smile offers a chance for you to make donations to Isles, just by buying stuff on Amazon.  Take a look at how you can help us for free!

Check out our fall enewsletter here

In community,