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A 37 year old, Trenton-based nonprofit that fosters self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities.

Growing Healthy Habits


Kid’s health directly relates to what they put in their bodies and how they move around. This year, Isles Community Food Coordinator and FoodCorps Member, Christina and Maddy, brought gardening and nutrition education to more than 80 elementary school classrooms across Trenton.

Isles helps schools start gardens, teaches students how to grow vegetables, and trains teachers on how to connect the gardens to their curricula.

Cooking demos and taste tests are an integral part of Isles’ healthy food education. This year, we partnered with national food service provider, Aramark, to bring new flavors to the cafeteria. Christina selects a seasonal vegetable recipe, and Aramark prepares it for school wide taste tests. “The kids get really excited to try new foods now, from sweet butternut squash to cumin roasted broccoli,” said Christina, “They vote with stickers and sometimes get swayed by popular opinion. We hope that these kids become adults who know about healthy food, enjoy it, and will advocate for it.”