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Helping people manage everyday money issues and to take charge of their financial future

Through IFS, individuals learn how to better manage money, make and keep a budget and save for their family’s future. We can even help individuals pay off high cost debt through credit builder loans. IFS helps to reduce stress regarding money management and allows people to regain control of their finances for the long-term.

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Resources for Managing Finances During COVID-19


The bedrock of our services is our one-on-one financial coaching sessions. You will meet regularly with a personal finance coach to discuss your financial goals and create strategies to improve your situation. While working with your coach, IFS members have access to savings accounts and loans to build credit.

The Challenge

One in four workers experience financial stress.  For employees experiencing financial stress, 80% report that they are unable to carry out their normal responsibilities, cut down their workload, and are less productive. Estimates for the annual per-employee cost of financial stress and productivity loss range from $450 to $7,000. Personal financial distress negatively affects employers. Since employers bear a heavy financial burden of the poor financial behavior of their employees, they also share in the financial gains of workers’ improved financial capacity. This win-win model, provides a new framework for future financial capacity building initiatives.

Why IFS?

Isles is currently working with lower wage workers at Princeton University, Capital Health, and with several non-profit agencies and organizations in Trenton. Our long term members have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess interest and fees. In addition, 50% of our members have improved their credit scores by at least 100 points, and 50% have accumulated a minimum of $500 in savings.

IFS offers a truly innovative approach to addressing key challenges of unproductive consumer financial behavior. IFS also creates positive behaviors that improves money decision-making and management skills, savings accumulation, and consumer debt reduction. However, because IFS is employer-based, the impacts of improved financial capability extend to employers as well.

Resources from IFS include:

  • Credit analysis and action plan
  • One-on-one budget counseling
  • Savings Accounts
  • Financial education
  • Tax preparation assistance
  • Online and group support
  • First-time homebuyer assistance
  • Foreclosure prevention assistance
  • Emergency and credit building loans

IFS is only offered through employers, so ask your HR department how to bring IFS to your workplace or contact us for  more information.

For Employers:

For Employees:

2021 Snapshot

107 one-on-one customers completed a budget, credit analysis and action plan.

176 attended virtual financial workshops.

12 customers filed their taxes with the assistance of a financial coach.